MAXX Finance Giveaway

MAXX Finance radically transforms the existing concept of time deposits on the blockchain as a completely fair, dual yield DeFi protocol. With real 360 degree utility (Validator Nodes, Liquidity Providing & MAXX Ventures).

The platform will allow participants to earn a consistent and sustainable interest rate by staking their $MAXX tokens.

Join our Liquidity Amplifier waiting list and claim your place in part of the largest Defi Dapp launch of 2022.

By completing the actions in the giveaway form, you get:

  • Priority Pass to MAXX Liquidity Amplifier & Free claim (launching soon, get your reservation now!)
  • Chance to win a share of 5,000 of $MATIC (100 winners each time we reach +10,000 new subscribers)
  • Chance to win a share of 200,000,000 $MAXX tokens (200 winners amongst those who joined before launch)

Increase your chances by completing additional actions, which help to spread the word about MAXX Finance!

MAXX Finance - Grand Launch Giveaway!

Please note - After joining Telegram/Discord/Twitter, come back to this page and press the green Continue button above to proceed!

Still having problems? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ready to get started?

MAXX Finance is launching very soon, get ready!
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