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The first fair launched time-locked staking system on the blockchain. High yield protected by deflationary measures & backed by validator nodes.

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MAXX Ecosystem

MAXX Finance Ecosystem


Earn sustainable passive rewards by time locking in our innovative gamified smart contracts.

DAO Governance

Self-sustainable community driven MAXXVault with onchain voting.


Mathematically programmed rewards through carefully balanced tokenomics.


The protocol is asset backed to protect from even the worst conditions in the market.
Launching Soon

Project Roadmap

2022 - Q2
  • Tokenomics Planning
    We have been carefully testing and simulating our tokenomics
  • Development Begins
    Smart Contract specification and coding commenced
  • Pre-Flight Checklist
    Preparing our Brand Identity, Marketing strategies and website etc
2022 - Q3
  • Community Building
    Reached the goal of 25,000 whitelisted users
  • MAXX Genesis Giveaway
    5,000 codes distributed to users to claim a MAXX Genesis NFT
  • Smart Contract Audits
    Full Audits of the Smart Contract done by third party companies
2022 - Q4
  • Complete QA Testing
    Internal and public community testing will take place
  • Free Claim Airdrop
    The project will launch with the FreeClaim and Liquidity Amplifier events
  • Liquidity Amplifier
    Participants will be able to reserve their share of 40bn MAXX Tokens
  • MAXX Boost Giveaway
    120 x MAXX Boost NFTs awarded to lucky Amplifier participants
  • Main Launch 🚀
    The Amplifier stage will end, and the Token will be deployed on a DEX for open trading
2023 - Q1
  • MAXX Vault Launch
    The vault is a community-managed treasury, with the tokens locked behind a DAO.
  • MAXX Play Launch
    An exciting addition to the ecosystem where users can win $MAXX
  • MAXX MarketPlace
    Allow users to list their stakes for sale via a custom Marketplace

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