MAXX Airdrop Winners

Check to see if you won some free $MAXX tokens!

We award Airdrop prizes to community members who participate in giveaways and competitions during AMAs, Telegram, Discord or Twitter events.

The goal is to give you guys a small taste of what the it's like to own MAXX, and allow you to take the first steps in growing your MAXX holdings. The tokens will be autostaked to ensure that we do not have unnecessary price dumps at the early stages of our protocol deployment.

How can I get some free MAXX?

Simply participate in any of our giveaways / competitions for a chance to win.
Stay up to date with our Twitter and Telegram group, as all our competitions and airdrops are announced there.

We have already processed our last 8 giveaways, and you can now enter your wallet address below to see if you were a winner!

Please note, this is different to the MAXX FreeClaim - Read about that here to see if you qualify!

* Twitter Airdrop will be sent to users after our mainnet launch, in the form of staked MAXX tokens.
** We cannot accept any reliability for missing addresses.

Ready to get started?

MAXX Finance is launching very soon, get ready!
Freeclaim MAXX Finance token airdrop

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