The MAXXBoost is the second of four NFT collections being released over the launch of MAXX Finance.

This is an exclusive NFT with only 120 available. They will be awarded randomly to participants of the daily Liquidity Amplifier, with two being given away each day during a live stream.

Enter the Liquidity Amplifier for a chance of winning one!

MAXXBoost now Live!

The collection can now be seen on OpenSea

The contract address is: 0xDA858B0B879393003e753B498103EABB33333306

MAXXBoost Utility

This NFT can be utilized in the staking ecosystem to give a 20% boost to a stakes APY. While this may sound like a small boost, it can actually mean thousands of dollars more in interest.

80% → 96 APY

Example, if you stake $1,000 MAXX for the maximum possible duration, the APY would be 80% earning you $7,305 MAXX in interest.**

If you use the MAXXBoost NFT whilst making this stake, the APY would be 96% earning you a total of $8,766 MAXX in interest.**

The Boost NFT is single-use, it can only give a 20% bonus on a single MAXX Stake. For this reason, it is likely to become a valuable NFT in it's unused state.

These will become extremely valuable to whales who want to stake large amounts of $MAXX. Owners should think carefully before deciding to use one, of if listing for sale on Opensea, avoid listing it for sale too cheap!

How can I get a MAXXBoost NFT?

These ultra-rare utility NFTs are awarded randomly to participants of the Amplifier stage. Simply deposit some MATIC into any of the daily Amplifiers for a chance of winning!

After each daily lobbie, we will be hosting a live stream on YouTube, where we will run a function in the contract that will pick three lucky entrants from that day. The NFT will instantly be minted to the winners wallets.

There are 120 in total, with three being awarded each day. So make sure to enter multiple days for a higher change of winning!

* The prices shown on this page are for illustration only. There is no fixed price on the MAXX Boost NFTs, and price discovery will only happen once they are launched and openly traded.

** APY Figures are for illustration only, and based on starting a stake on day 1 when the Share Factor is still at 1. Staking at a later day with a reduced Share Factor will result in slightly lower APYs

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