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Powerful referral system lets you earn free tokens

Using your own unique referral link you can earn millions of $MAXX tokens Completely for free.

Anyone who uses your link will get a 10% bonus if they claim the Airdrop or deposit into the Liquidity Amplifier.

You will instantly receive free $MAXX whenever someone uses your link to claim the Airdrop or participates in the Amplifier.

Earn Free MAXX Finance crypto tokens
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How to join the Referral program

Simply create your own custom referral link below, which points to a wallet address of your choice. Then spread your link to friends, family and social media to get word out about MAXX Finance!


Type a name for your link, and paste in your wallet address:

Here is your personal referral link:

Here is your custom QR code which you can get printed as business cards or flyers:

Referral System FAQ

How do referrals work?

Once you have created your link above, simply share it on social media, crypto forums or to friends and family. Not only does this help spread the word and let the world know about MAXX Finance, but it will also earn you some $MAXX!

When someone clicks on your link, it will leave a cookie on their browser. If they then decide to claim the airdrop or deposit MATIC in the Liquidity Amplifier, your unique referral code will be passed into the smart contract along with the transaction.

The contract will then assign you an amount of $MAXX based on how much they claimed or reserved in the Amplifier.

How much can I earn from my link?

You could potentially earn tens or even hundreds of millions of $MAXX, completly free.

You will get 10% of whatever someone freeclaims from the Airdrop - That could be up to 100,000 $MAXX as the maximum claimable per wallet is 1,000,000.

You will get 5% of whatever someone reserves in the Amplifier. There is no deposit limit, so if someone deposits $10,000 using your link, will will get $1,000 worth of $MAXX tokens.

Can I withdraw and sell my bonus tokens?

Yes of course. However, the $MAXX token won't be listed on Uniswap until the end of the Liquidity Amplifier stage.

Although your free tokens will instantly be assigned to your wallet address in the contract, you won't be able to withdraw them until we have launched on Mainnet.

Referral bonuses from the Liquidity Amplifier will be instantly withdrawable after launch, and bonuses from the FreeClaim will be autostaked for 14 days. After that, you can withdraw them and trade or create further stakes.

* By creating and sharing a referral link from MAXX Finance, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
* When a referral link is clicked on, it will leave a cookie on the users browser for 365 days.
If they make a FreeClaim or Amplifier reservation from the same browser during that time, you will be credited your referral bonus.
* If the user clicks on someone elses referral link before making a transaction, it will overwrite the cookie and the bonus will go to the new referrer instead.
* All transactions on the blockchain are final and immutable. If for someone reason your referral link did not work, or the other user cleared their cookies, there is nothing we can do to credit your bonus.

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