MAXX Staking

A powerful wealth creation mechanism

MAXX Finance is based on the Certificate of Deposit from traditional finance. However, where traditional banks only offer 2-3% APY, MAXX Finance can offer 18-80% APY for the entire stake.

Unlike other DeFi staking projects, the interest is guaranteed for the staking duration. It does not rely upon third parties, external factors, or the staking behavior of other users in the ecosystem. What you see is exactly what you get!

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How much can you earn?

It depends how long you are staking for.

There are a number of factors used to calculate the APY that your stake will recieve. These are primarily the amount of $MAXX you stake, the duration, and any bonus NFT's you decide to use at the time of staking.

There is a Bigger Pays Better Bonus (BPB) which awards up to 10% extra interest when you stake 20,000,000 $MAXX or more.

Then there is the Longer Pays Better Bonus (LPB) which awards up to 300% additional interest when you are staking for the maximum duration.

Have a play with the calculator to see how much you could earn. Stakes with MAXX Finance receive a fixed APY and gauranteed interest for their duration, unlike many other staking dapps where interest reduces or depends on other users behaviours.

Have a read of our Staking Documentation for all the details.

Token & Staking launch:


Staking FAQ

How does Staking work?

First you will need some $MAXX tokens in order to stake. You can FreeClaim some tokens, or enter the Liquidity Amplifier to reserve some before our mainnet launch.

Once you have some MAXX, head over to the Dashboard where you can start creating your stakes. Users can pick any duration from 7 to 3333 days, to earn a higher APY. When you make a stake, the transaction will deposit your $MAXX tokens into the contract, where they are locked until duration.

Users will be able to view and manage all of their stakes in the dashboard, along with functions such as Naming the stake, Selling early, Trading or listing the stake for sale on a marketplace, and more.

At a stakes maturity, the user can withdraw the Principal + Interest earned to their wallet.

How much can I earn by Staking?

You can earn up to 80% APY by staking MAXX tokens.

With the utilization of a MAXXGenesis or MAXXBoost NFT, you can increase your stakes interest rate up to 96%.

Use the Calculator at the top of this page to estimate your rewards.

Can I transfer or sell my stakes?

You certainly can. We have programmed the smart contract to enable the transferring of stakes between wallets, or the ability to list them for sale on an NFT marketplace such as OpenSea.

After launch, we aim to integrate our own built in marketplace.

Are there any fees involved?

As we are on the Polygon network, the transaction cost to create or withdraw a stake costs only fractions of a penny.

There are however penalties for early withdrawals, or late withdrawals (over 14 days late). These fees are essential to help maintain a balanced and sustainable ecosystem.

Referral System

Earn free MAXX by inviting others

Spread the word about MAXX Finance with your own referral link. Anyone who uses it will get a 10% Bonus on their FreeClaim amount or Amplifier deposit!

You will also earn a 10% commission, based on how much they claim. Learn more about referrals here and start earning!

* By creating a Stake through our dashboard, you are interacting with our smart contracts directly on the Polygon Network, and must agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
* All stakes are final and cannot be reversed once created. You may unstake early, but there are penalties involved for this.
* There are also late withdrawal penalties to help support the MAXXVault. You can read about these in our full documenation.

Ready to get started?

MAXX Finance is launching very soon, get ready!
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